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The Top 5 Data Center Threats You Need to Know

Data centers have become the proverbial bullseye for cyber-criminals, hacktivists and state-sponsored attackers. These malicious users rely on automation and off-the-shelf attack tools to steal data and take servers offline. And they leverage Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, web application attacks, DNS infrastructure exploits, SSL-based blind-spots, and weak authentication to achieve their nefarious objectives. …

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DDoS attacks fall as defenses improve

New research from DDoS protection specialist Black Lotus shows that cyber attack incidents have continued to decline throughout this year. There were 201,721 incidents in the third quarter of this year (down from 462,621 in Q1 2014 and 276,447 in Q2). This can be attributed to the security industry’s increased knowledge and filtering against NTP …

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