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DDoS Attacks Continue to Plague Human Rights Sites

WikiLeaks and Operation Payback have put distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks in the news recently, but independent media and human rights Web sites have been battling these attacks on a consistent basis with no easy solution in sight, according to a Wednesday study. While major sites can fend off a DDoS or recover quickly, …

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Microsoft releases Regex Fuzzer tool

Microsoft has released a free tool to help programmers test their regular expressions for vulnerability to denial of service attacks. The SDL Regex Fuzzer, released by the software giant earlier this week, is designed to test programmers’ regular expressions – a ubiquitous formal language for matching strings of text – for clauses that execute in …

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Microsoft: Your Computer Could be One of 2.2 Million Infected Botnet PCs

U.S. leads the world in botnet virus infection rates According to a new 240-page security report from Microsoft dubbed the¬ Security Intelligence Report, America is among the most infected countries in the world when it comes to botnets.¬ The report uses information collected in the first half of 2010 via the¬ Microsoft Malicious Software Removal …

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