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Drone Incident Followed By A Massive Hackers’ Attack On Serbian Media

BELGRADE – After the termination of the football match Serbia – Albania, because of a drone with a flag of the so-called “Greater Albania”, a massive hackers’ attack folowed on Serbian media websites, organized by the Albanians, said the president of the Association for Information Security of Serbia Zoran Zivkovic.

“On Tuesday, after 9 pm, websites of all relevant media in our country were targeted by a massive organized hackers’ attack, and only one remained intact,” said Zivkovic for “Vecernje Novosti”. He said that the so-called DDoS attack on Serbian media’s websites was performed with approximately 1.5 million computers around the world, and the Albanians were not able to do it independently, but were able to pay for help. Speaking of the price that the Albanian side had to pay to “someone,” Zivkovic said that the average value of a DDoS attack is 100,000 dollars per hour. He is convinced that the attack was paid to some major hacker organizations, which controll “bots” on millions of computers, whose owners do not know [that their computers are “zombies”], and that the precision of attacks and the selection of targets point that everything was carefully planned. He said the attack lasted several hours and was stronger than 35 gigabits per second, which is unprecedented in our region. Peak of the attack, according to an analysis made by Zivkovic, took place at 9.30 pm, when the “attackers” bombed Serbian media servers with 40 gigabits per second, and only one well-protected site remained intact, while others were blocked, over-flooded.



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