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Distributed Denial of Service ‘DDoS’ attack on India government sites

India is positioned higher than the global average as a target for spammers and is also the top source of spam worldwide, according to a Symantec Intelligence report.

The Defence industry worlwide has been the targeted industry of choice in the first half of the year, with an average of 7.3 attacks per day, the report said.

Some hacker groups are using distributed denial of service (DDoS) tools to launch attacks on government and private organizations’ websites in the country.

In addition to defense, intellectual property intensive industries such as chemical, pharmaceutical and manufacturing are the top industries that are targeted by spammers.

The purpose of the attacks on intellectual property (IP) organizations is to get industrial espionage by collecting intellectual property for competitive advantage, according to the report.

India was home to the third highest Stuxnet infections, which are caused by a computer worm designed to target industrial control systems used to monitor and run large-scale industrial facilities.

Stuxnets manipulate the physical equipment attached to specific industrial control systems to enable the attacker to program the equipment according his intent.

According to the report, there is marginal increase in the number of phishing attacks and malware in June this year, while a slight decrease in spam attacks and blocking of malicious websites.


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