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DDoS Attacks by Contract on Sharp Rise

The Korea Internet & Security Agency (KISA) has found that DDoS attacks from China, which are presumed to be made by contract, are on a sharp rise.

“Existing DDoS attacks stopped when the hackers received money from the site after attacking a site three or four times,” said an employee of the KISA. “Contract DDoS attacks, however, continue in the form of a long-term cyber battle until the demand of the client is met.”

The Lineage Community P Site, an online café for a popular online game, was attacked via an IP from China for four days last month. “We received an email which threatens to continue DDoS attacks from an intimidator presumed to be a Chinese hacker unless we stop advertizing a specific company,” said a manager of the site. “We are at a loss as we can neither stop the advertisement for keeping the site alive nor become a target of DDoS attacks.”

The cost of instigating Chinese hackers to launch DDoS attacks varies depending on the size of a target site. But it is not so high, generally ranged from several hundred of thousands won to several millions, which has increased such cyber attacks by Chinese hackers who are hired by those who want to disturb business of their rivals or bear a grudge.


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