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Attackers Launch DDoS Attacks And the Kitchen Sink

First off, full disclosure, I work for Akamai as my day job. I don’t want any illusion on the point as I discuss the latest State of the Internet report that I was fortunate enough to be a part of creating. That being said, it was an interesting quarter.

Last quarter shed some light on some interesting developments with regards to Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) as attackers tried their hand at various different approaches. We hear. time and again, about DDoSdistributed denial of service attacks and theis last most recent quarter gave rise to one of significant volume. This example was a rather significant attack that was a confirmed 363 Gbps of attack traffic against a media organization customer in Europe. Nothing to sneeze at to be certain. Is your organization in a position to sustain operations while weathering an attack of this magnitude?

As we have seen more frequently of late, this was a multi vector attack. Tto put a fine point on it, this attack made use of multiple different vectors in the attacker’s futile attempt to take down their intended target. They made their attempt using the following vectors: SYN, UDP fragments, push, tcp, DNS and UDP floods. The only thing they forgot to throw in was the kitchen sink.


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