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Anonymous takes on Sony stores

ONLINE HACKTIVIST GROUP Anonymous will stage protests at Sony stores following its distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks last week against the firm.

Last week Anonymous announced that it would target Sony to retaliate for the company’s actions against Playstation hacker George Hotz. Hotz, who is widely known as geohot, faces legal action from Sony for his jailbreaking exploits and the company has tried to suppress the information that he posted on the web about jailbreaking the Playstation 3.

Anonymous made good on its threat just days later, taking down several Sony websites. Some reports claimed it had a hand in taking down the Playstation Network. An offshoot of the group, Sony Recon, even announced that it was going after the families of Sony employees. However on Thursday, Anonymous distanced itself from Sony Recon and called a temporary ceasefire after gamers complained that its actions were victimising them.

Now Anonymous believes it has found a way to protest against Sony without hurting those it tries to represent by staging in-store protests at Sony stores around the world. The action mirrors what the group did when it went after the Church of Scientology a few years ago.

If anything Anonymous’ decision to stage physical protests will bring its message to the general public. Unlike a DDoS attack that no one can physically see or hear taking place, a physical demonstration will make even those who do not follow the intricacies of Hotz’s actions and Sony’s heavy-handed legal tactics realise that something is not quite right.

At this point Anonymous hasn’t said when it will stage protests or which stores it will be protesting at, however don’t expect it to be low-key affair when the group kicks it off.
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