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Hacking group Anonymous plans to launch DDoS attacks.

Online activist group Anonymous has threatened to leak thousands of Chinese Government email addresses and blackout Chinese and Hong Kong Government websites through DDoS attacks, to show its solidarity with the Umbrella Movement.

The group named Operation Hong Kong is planning to launch DDoS attacks on the network by bombarding it with traffic which could result in network crash.

Reuters reported Anonymous as saying in a statement: “Here’s your heads up, prepare for us, try to stop it, the only success you will have will be taking all your sites offline.

“China, you cannot stop us. You should have expected us before abusing your power against the citizens of Hong Kong.”

The online protestors are planning to attack websites belonging to the Ministry of Defense, China’s Ministry of Public Security, Hong Kong police and Ministry of Justice.

Hong Kong Liaison Office reported that its website had already been attacked twice in a week, when visitors were blocked from entering the site, but the website resumed its activity shortly after the outrage.

In a statement given to Reuters China’s Defense Ministry said: “We have taken necessary steps to protect the safe operation of the Defense Ministry website.”

People in Hong Kong have been protesting the Chinese Government’s decision to put restrictions through electoral reforms.



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